ILS / Resource Discovery

This workgroup is charged with evaluating existing ILS data and practices in Wisconsin and other states in order to develop joint standards, definitions for operations, and efficient and consistent delivery of services related to ILS/Resource Discovery.

Desired Service Outcomes
Meeting Materials

Virtual Q&A with the ILL and ILS Workgroups (1/13/2017)

Service Model Draft — Presented at WLA 2016.

Please offer feedback and ask questions via the Contact form and selecting ILS.

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ILS Additional Information

Workgroup Members

  • Lead: Teresa Schmidt, Mercer Public Library/NWLS
  • Facilitator: Tasha Saecker, Appleton Public Library/OWLS
  • Workgroup Members:
    • Steve Heser, Milwaukee County Federated Library System
    • Amy Lutzke, Dwight Foster Public Library
    • Gerri Moeller, Outagamie Waupaca Library System
    • Jim Novy, Lakeshores Library System
    • Heidi Oliverson, South Central Library System
    • Steve Platteter, Arrowhead Library System
    • Mike Sheehan, Northern Waters Library Service
  • Steering Committee Liaison: Steve Ohs, Lakeshores LS
  • DPI Liaison: Ben Miller

ILS Meeting Materials