Chapter 43

This workgroup will review Chapter 43, the Wisconsin State law that provides funding for coordinated regional library services, and make recommendations for changes in conjunction with other workgroup recommendations.

Meeting Materials

Workgroup Members

  • Lead: Walter Burkhalter, Fontana Public Library/LLSChapter43Leadership
  • Facilitator: Marla Sepnafski, Wisconsin Valley Library Service
  • Workgroup Members:
    • Nan Champe, South Milwaukee Public Library
    • David Kranz, La Crosse Public Library
    • Connie Meyer, Bridges Library System
    • Greg Mickells, Madison Public Library
    • Virginia Roberts, Rhinelander District Library
  • Steering Committee Liaisons:
    • John Thompson, IFLS
    • Paula Kiely, Milwaukee Public Library/Milwaukee County Federated LS
  • DPI Liaison: John DeBacher

Chapter 43 Meeting Materials