PLSR Update – May 16 Q&A, WAPL Events Recap

Couldn’t make it to WAPL? Here’s everything you need to know!

  • Several members of the Steering Committee offered an update of the PLSR project at the System and Resource Library Administrators’ Association of Wisconsin (SRRLAW) meeting as well as facilitated a discussion around questions and concerns related to workgroups, topic teams, and the work of the Steering Committee. The excellent feedback was captured and notes are available for public review.
  • Members from three Topic Teams presented findings from their teams at the session Public Library System Redesign Project Update & Discussion. These teams, made up of existing members of workgroups, were formed to meet for a short time to make decisions on specific needs affecting several service areas to help the workgroups develop cohesive service models. Slides are available from the presentation as well as a handout describing Topic Team outcomes. Reports/decisions are available from:
  • The Steering Committee also hosted an evening Community Conversation and invited community members to fill out comment cards and facilitated small group conversations. The comment cards were transcribed and notes were taken, all of which will be used by the Steering Committee to refine the PLSR process. These notes are available for the community’s review as well.
  • Three more items were shared at WAPL to help clarify and share information about the PLSR process:

Because not everyone could be at WAPL, the Steering Committee will be hosting a virtual Q&A session on Tuesday, May 16th, 12-1 pm. You can connect to the meeting in the following ways:

From your computer, tablet, or smartphone:

You can also dial in using your phone: (872) 240-3311, Access Code: 295-035-749