PLSR Toolkit Presentation Materials

Resources gathered from other states

Dozens of people from across the country were kind enough to fill out surveys, answer follow-up emails and phone calls and to spend time discussing with workgroups how library services are provided in their states. We are grateful for the information and time given by our colleagues. It has already proven to be incredibly valuable.

PLSR Toolkit Presentation Materials

Virtual Q&A Sessions

Communication Liaisons

Data and Information gathered as part of the PLSR process

As workgroups research their areas in-depth, data and information will be (and has already been) gathered from in-state and out-of-state sources. This link will be updated as new information that might inform the process is found. Information might include survey findings, reports, recordings of webinars, and more.  Please note that the dates in the folder reflect the date of upload and not the date the material was created.

Documents and resources from Public Library System Redesign Steering Committee

From the 12/10/2015 Steering Committee Meeting

From the 4/26/2016 Steering Committee Meeting

Other Resources informing this process:

Reports, vision and concepts developed in the past will serve as informational resources by the workgroups and Steering Committee.  They are not intended as a directional outcome guide for the groups.

Community created resources and presentations: