PLSR Community Update – WLA Workgroup sessions available online

Thanks to everyone that was able to attend the Workgroup sessions at WLA at the Kalahari. There were many people that went multiple sessions and some even made it to all seven! The workgroups deeply appreciate the community’s interest and dedication to staying informed and offering their feedback. The comments and questions were incredibly thoughtful and helpful.

Of course, it was not possible for everyone in the library community to attend any or all of the sessions. Therefore, with the help of Mark Ibach of the South Central Library System, each session was video recorded. These recordings, along with session PowerPoints and one-page overviews are now available on the PLSR website, all on a single page, as well as on each workgroup page.

The questions asked and the feedback given during the sessions will help the workgroups as they finalize their work. If you have feedback or questions about particular workgroup ideas, you can use the contact form to communicate with specific workgroups. You are also encouraged to share your thoughts with the Steering Committee, who can be reached through the contact form as well.

We also heard that it would be helpful to know what questions have already been asked (and possibly answered). So, we’ve created a new feature on the PLSR site that will share questions that have been asked of the workgroups, Steering Committee, and project managers. The list is not comprehensive but does contain the more recent and most frequently asked questions.