Update on PLSR Steering Committee Regional Meetings

The Steering Committee extends its sincere thanks to all of the community members that attended one of the September regional meetings.

One important piece of feedback that the Committee received was the desire for more details related to administration, governance, and funding, along with the workgroup models.   The workgroups will begin to share more details at WLA and expect to have their work completed at the end of March 2018.   The Steering Committee is gathering information to help with decisions related to structure, governance, and funding.  At their October meeting, the Committee approved facilitator-led library focus groups, with the goal of hearing from libraries about their thoughts related to structure.  These would be happening in late Fall and early Winter.  The Committee will gather other information in the coming months to help with their recommendations, including work of the HR and Funding Subcommittee and the Chapter 43 workgroup.  They expect to start the process to make recommendations for these areas once the workgroup reports are delivered to them on April 2, 2018.

The Committee also received feedback that, regardless of workgroup models, the library community must be involved in this process of creating recommendations for structure, governance, and funding.  At the November Steering Committee meeting, they will discuss what this process might look like.

One of the other concerns expressed by Steering was the low attendance at some meetings.  With the November meetings coming so quickly after the September meetings, there was concern that the November meetings would be poorly attended.

With these factors in mind, the Steering Committee will be rescheduling the originally planned November/December regional meetings for March 2018. This will allow for the following:

  • Having more information to base a discussion about overall structure. There will be more information from the workgroups, including Chapter 43, the Funding and HR subcommittees, and the library focus groups, along with any other activities that take place between now and March.
  • Having more information about the post-April 2 process. The Steering Committee will have a clearer picture of their post-April 2 process by March and may have specific insights and questions to share and ask.
  • Having more opportunity to discuss how to increase attendance. Options might include additional coordination with systems and/or system meetings, and holding meetings in the afternoon and evenings to accommodate small library schedules, etc.

Steering members are also willing to attend System member meetings upon request between November and March to gather input about the post-workgroup report process, determine what a stakeholder inclusive process might look like, and to offer updates on the process.

Stay tuned, we’ll share a schedule for the March meetings as soon as it is available.

Interested in speaking with or having a Steering Committee visit you? Send an email at steeringcommittee@plsr.info and we’ll find the time!