October PLSR Highlights

Upcoming events

  • Each Workgroup will share updates on their models at WLA in Wisconsin Dells. These sessions will be video recorded and made available on the PLSR website, along with the slides from the sessions. Steering Committee members will be at a booth in the Exhibits Hall for the library community to ask questions, chat about the project, and offer feedback. Schedule for sessions and booth is available.

Steering Committee

  • Steering members recorded questions, concerns, and feedback at each of the regional meetings. This feedback has been compiled and will be used by the Committee to ensure questions are being answered and concerns are being carefully considered.
  •  The Committee discussed a Draft plan for PLSR Steering Committee information gathering discussions. The plan suggests that there be focus groups facilitated by an outside consultant. These will consist of a representative group of directors from around the state to get library input about their ideas and concerns related to overall administration, funding and governance that will be part of the Steering Committee recommendations. The Steering Committee will discuss details of this plan at their November Steering meeting. The Committee approved a motion to have the Project Manager start discussions with an outside facilitator for the focus groups.
  • The Committee also discussed a shift in their activities once the workgroup report has been delivered to them in April 2018. Rather than develop recommendations that will be vetted by the community, the group discussed involving stakeholders in conversations to develop the recommendations.  The regional meeting feedback pointed to concerns about developing recommendations the community and stakeholder groups could support.  This shift would hopefully help alleviate the concern.  The Committee will further discuss this at their November meeting.
  • The group reviewed the results of information gathered for system director job duties. They were appreciative of the information.  The project managers will work with the Steering Committee leadership to do further analysis of the results.
  •  Virtual Q & As will start again in December and will be Steering Committee led conversations related to structure, governance and implementation. The November 7th Q&A has been canceled, but community members are encouraged to watch the recorded workgroup sessions from WLA.
  • The Funding and Cost Standards Subcommittee met with SOMBAW at their September 29 meeting in Madison to work on standardizing library system income sources and how these funds are spent. It was noted that all 16 systems do things very differently making data comparison difficult. The discussions started through the PLSR process may result in standardizing reporting.


  • Workgroups are preparing for WLA sessions. If you cannot attend WLA, please be sure to watch the video recordings that will be posted on the PLSR website as soon as possible after the conference. The workgroups welcome (and need) your feedback and questions.