November PLSR Highlights

Upcoming events

  • There will be a December 19th Q&A from 12-1 PM which will focus on the process change related to including stakeholders and the subcommittees’ work.

Steering Committee

  • The Steering Committee would encourage everyone to provide specific feedback on the models now, as this is the time to do that as the workgroups are tweaking things. Feedback can be submitted using the Contact Form on the PLSR website and the workgroup WLA presentations can found on the site as well.
  • The group reviewed the Expectations of the Steering Committee Report document and further discussed what process they will undertake to get to recommendations.
  • The Steering Committee approved a proposal for a set of focus groups with library directors. Held in late December and early January, the focus groups will be asked questions around governance, administration, and accountability.  Russell Consulting, who will be conducting the focus groups, will also be selecting participants based on those who complete a selection form.
  • At the December meeting, the Steering Committee will consider information related to the focus groups, more updates from the subcommittees, results from the system director duties survey, results from the county relationships survey, and work on developing next steps from the process.