**Important** Workgroups Need Your Feedback!

Now is the time for you to offer feedback to the workgroups about their models.  If you have questions or concerns, please share them with the workgroups as soon as you can.  In mid-February, they will be presenting a final draft version of their model to the Steering Committee, so it’s important that they get your feedback in order to finalize these model drafts.

If you have feedback or questions about particular workgroup ideas, you can use the contact form to communicate with specific workgroups. You are also encouraged to share your thoughts with the Steering Committee, who can be reached through the contact form as well. While your feedback is welcome at any time, the sooner you offer it, the sooner the workgroup can use it to make their ideas better.

Each of the seven workgroups provided updates about their models at WLA in October. Session video recordings along with the PowerPoint presentations and one-page overviews are available on the PLSR website. If you weren’t able to attend or if you just need to refresh your memory, we encourage you to spend some time learning about the work that has been done and what is in front of the workgroups.

If you’re not sure if the workgroups have already been asked your question, take a look at the Questions That Have Been Asked page. It has questions that have been asked of the workgroups, Steering Committee, and project managers and while not comprehensive, it does contain the more recent and most frequently asked questions.