August PLSR Highlights

Upcoming events

  • In September, the Steering Committee will be doing a series of in-person sessions around the state to present the progress of the process, to answer questions, and to collect feedback from the community.

Steering Committee

  • The Steering Committee will now be meeting in person as much as possible. During the in-person meetings, they will be considering large topics for discussion to move the process forward.
  • The Steering Committee will be having monthly calls with the System Directors in months when there is not a SRLAAW meeting. A significant portion of the August SRLAAW meeting will be dedicated to a discussion of the PLSR process.
  • The Committee discussed the possibility of engaging the Public Policy Forum in Milwaukee or another similar entity to validate the results of the process.
  • The Steering Committee prepared clarifying information for the workgroups that touches on themes of equity, what the workgroup should be preparing (including maps, staffing, etc.), and the role of the Steering and DPI liaisons as the work progresses.
  • At the July retreat, equity emerged as a key theme of the process, and one that the Steering Committee wanted to develop, not just in terms of this process, but beyond. The group further discussed this at their August meeting.
  • Additional appointments were made to the Funding Subcommittee.


  • A report outline has been prepared and approved by Steering for workgroups to fill in.
  • August 7th Steering Committee meeting workgroup update.