January PLSR Highlights

Upcoming events

  • At the next Virtual Q&A, members of the Steering Committee and the project managers will discuss workgroup reports and other inputs the Steering Committee will use as they develop their own recommendations. This will be Thursday, February 15 from 9:30-10:30 am.
  • The Steering Committee will be meeting for a two-day retreat, February 22 & 23. Workgroup leadership will attend the first day.
  • CRC and Model Development Summit Participant Applications are due February 9th.

Steering Committee

  • Russell Consulting provided preliminary results of the public library director focus groups. Additional analysis will be done, and a report will be provided by the end of February.
  • Russell Consulting provided initial thoughts about the survey for all public libraries, and the group discussed.
  • The process for selecting the Core Recommendation Collaborators and the Model Development Summit attendees was approved. The application window will be from January 22 – February 9.  Selection will be done by the Steering Committee on February 23.  A matrix for evaluating applicants was discussed and will be finalized with Russell Consulting prior to February 9.
  • The Steering Committee will move forward with discussions about applying for a $50,000 IMLS planning grant for the project.
  • As the Steering Committee moves to handling more of its own communications, the Events Subcommittee will take responsibility for this new role. A team of people to coordinate the Steering Committee report process was determined:  Ohs, P. Kiely, B. Christensen, B. Miller from DPI, with M. McLimans from WiLS acting as administrative support.  This team will not make decisions or do all of the writing, but will keep the work moving forward.
  • The benefits percentage to be used by the workgroups in preparing budgets was recommended to be 28% by the HR Subcommittee and was approved.
  • The February retreat schedule was discussed.
  • The timeline for the comment period that begins in June was discussed. Those who are participating in the Model Development Summit will receive information on a weekly basis.  Whether or not the information will be publicly available during the comment period will be further discussed with Russell Consulting as the facilitators for the model summit.
  • Proposals for facilitation and administrative support for the next phase of the process were approved.
  • The Steering Committee released a September-December 2017  Executive Summary